Water Heater Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement Service

If you want a properly functioning and well-maintained water heater, contact Manzo Plumbing and Heating, Inc. We go above and beyond to keep your water heater in top working shape for as long as possible. Since 1986, we’ve been providing exceptional plumbing services to residential clients in Nassau County.

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Tank and Tankless Water Heater Service for Nassau County

Whether you need a tank or tankless water heater, sediment draining or leak repair, contact Manzo Plumbing and Heating, Inc. We’ve been serving Nassau County residents since 1986.

Common Reasons Your Water Heater Isn’t Working

Pilot Light and/or Thermocouple 

Most people are familiar with a pilot light, but some people might not be aware of what a thermocouple is. A thermocouple is a sensor that sits close to the pilot light and detects if there is enough heat coming from the pilot light. If there isn’t enough heat (as is the case when the pilot light goes out), the thermocouple shuts off the gas flowing into the water heater. This way, it keeps gas from continuing to flow when there isn’t any flame to consume it. If the pilot light goes out, then you’ll need to relight it. If you see that the pilot is lit, but the water heater isn’t actually heating anything, it could be that the thermocouple is broken and has shut off the flow of gas.


Your water heater has a thermostat to tell it when it needs to heat more hot water. If you’re not getting enough hot water, it could be that the thermostat is malfunctioning. If this is the case, you’ll likely need to call for the services of a professional contractor to replace the thermostat assembly.


Over time, sediment and minerals can build up on the bottom of your water tank. This can create a barrier to the heat that needs to get into the water. If your water heater is old, this could be the case. You’ll need to call a professional contractor to know for sure. Many times a banging or rumbling noise will accompany this problem.

Professional Water Heater Services

Whether you need a new hot water heater or simply need your old one fixed or maintained, Manzo Plumbing and Heating Inc. is the company to count on.

We believe in doing the job right the first time. Contact us when you need reliable water heater service. We have the tools and knowledge to install any water heater system in your home, providing you with a guarantee on all work! Trust us to deliver outstanding results.

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